Network of eye clinics ASTANA VISION in Almaty

Our mission: “Qualified solution of vision problems at the modern level!”

ASTANA VISION is the result of a bold look into the future of ophthalmology in Kazakhstan. Our network is built on the principle – only the best: doctors, equipment, staff and location. We are confident in everything related to the quality of our services, methods and equipment.

Perhaps the most important thing for me personally is to maintain the values of the clinic and a reverent attitude towards the patient, so that this growth does not affect the quality of diagnosis and treatment. And judging by the feedback from patients and our own observations, we are succeeding. This gives great confidence in the future of Kazakhstani ophthalmology.

Kim Vladimir Ukhenovich
President of the Association of Eye Clinics ASTANA VISION

24 years ago, Kim Vladimir Ukhenovich performed the first operation on the lens within the walls of his own clinic. Thus began a new page in the history of ophthalmology not only in Karaganda, Shymkent or Astana, but in the whole of Kazakhstan.


Our service is supported by a unique set of modern diagnostic and surgical equipment from leading manufacturers

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